Spanish for Kids and Youth

El Che Spanish

We offer Spanish classes for kids and youths of any ages. Our team has almost 40 years of teaching experiences to kids and youth. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Latin America or Spain for our kids and youth classes, who also master Cantonese and English fluently. Our course coordinator is an expert of teaching the Spanish language of all levels to Asians, whom himself is a guru in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and of course fluent in English.

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Head of Teachers


Gabi has over 30 years of experiences in teaching Spanish to all kinds of speakers in Hong Kong. Originally from Costa Rica in Central America, she had been fascinated to Hong Kong since she had moved to here. Gabi is warm, cherish and lively when she performs her role as a teacher. Now as her first home, Gabi built up her family in Hong Kong and has two charming sons and daughters. As an experienced Spanish teacher, unlike most other Spanish teachers in Hong Kong, Gabi speaks Cantonese fluently and could teach her students according to their level.

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Instituto El Che consists of two teaching centers, an adult learning and cultural center in the heart of East Kowloon, and a kids and youth academy. Our acedemy for kids and youth locates at the shopping mall of Laguna City in Lam Tin. We have four classrooms and an area for playgroups. Our students feel comfortable and self-encouraging in our relaxing learning environment.

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Fees  (All classes taught by native Spanish speakers from Latin America)

Spanish for Kids (Aged 6-10) HKD250/hour (4-5 classes each month, 1 hour per class)

Spanish Playgroups (Aged 3-8) HKD220/45 min. (4-5 classes each month, 45 min. per class)